Friday, October 15, 2004

October 8, 2004 - Breaking News!

Hello Thinkers,

This has been a truely fascinating week in the news. The reports coming off the wire have been staggering in their earth shattering ramifications which have challenged our long standing beliefs. Not since Copernicus proposed that the earth rotates on an axis and orbits the sun have our paradigms been so shaken. Look around you, your world will never be the same.

First, in the realm of space, a NASA press release has rocked the scientific community to its core. After decades of tests, satellite lauches and high altitude atmospheric samples, NASA has concluded that the sky is in fact blue. The long term impact of this discovery may not be felt for years to come.

Second, in the study of human biology, the New England Journal of Medicine has recently released the results of a multi year - multi cultural study that has redefined a millenia of our understanding of human behavior. Apparently after intimate sexual relations, men generally prefer to sleep and women generally prefer to talk. Social and cultural institutions across the world are reeling from this news.

The last breaking story in this watershed week was reported by several outlets, including the Washington Post. As incredible as it may seem - as impossible as it may be to believe, according to a CIA report, Saddam Hussein paid off French government officials, businessmen, and journalists in an effort to end UN sanctions and restart his weapons programs. Shocking indeed.

Apparently, the Iraqi ambassador to France was instructed to utilize a $1 million 'donation' to "remind French Defense Minister Pierre Joxe indirectly about Iraq's previous positions toward France, in general, and the French Socialist party, in particular."

Mon Dieu! It is so unlike the French to do anything like this.

This was $1 million paid to the French Socialist party - you know, the party of the (smelly) people. In the late 1990's (who was the US president then?) Iraq used an oil voucher program to influence the French to oppose US initiatives at the UN. Tariq Aziz himself indicated that several influencial, if not principled, Frenchmen received significant quantities of oil to resell for ridiculus profits in return for efforts to lift UN sanctions.

Who could have ever, ever believed this?

Uncharacteristically, officials from France, Russia and amazingly, the UN have warned against making judgements against them based on this information. Personally I am dumbfounded that any of these groups could have been bought out.

Who would have thought that the UN which has Sudan, Cuba, China, Zimbabwe and similar Gardens of Eden to be on their Human Rights Commission, could have compromised their principles? Who would have thought that the French and Russians who, along with the Chinese and North Koreans, sold weapons to Iraq illegally, could have lowered themselves to the point of selling their UN influence to Iraq? Not me.

Who would have thought that the UN, which hired Kofi Annan's son to oversee the monitoring of shipments for the corrupt Oil For Food program, would have taken cash over principle?

Even more shocking, what are the major news media outlets focusing on from Charles Duelfer's reports? That there were no stockpiled WMD in Iraq. The headline of high level corruption going up to Jacques Chirac from the Oil For Food program is getting a pass from the likes of CBS. (One quick sidebar on CBS news is that early reports indicate that Dan Rather is pushing to include a canned 'laugh track' for the Nightly News and 60 Minutes programs.)

Amazingly, the French press is effectively ignoring everything except the lack of WMD.\ForeignBureaus\archive\200410\FOR20041008d.html

That 'global test' is sounding better and better all the time, isn't it? If you think so, I have another shocking news flash for you. The word "gullible" is not in the dictionary.


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