Tuesday, August 24, 2004

August 24, 2004 - When Johnny Goes Crying Home Again, Hurrah! Hurrah!

Today's Commentary: August 24th, 2004

Hello Thinkers!

I think I have an ear wax problem. I suspect the recent heavy rains and drop in humidity may have made the situation worse. It's not as bad as my dog's ear problems though. I could probably grow a tomato plant on either side of his head. Although better, relative to Zak's floppy auditory receptors, I am still concerned about my hearing.

For example, just the other day, I could have sworn I heard an ad from the John Kerry campaign calling out for President Bush to condemn the commercials made by the 527 group "Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth." Not to condemn negative commercials and mudslinging from all 527 groups, just the ones that disclaim statements made by John Kerry.

I am not going to make any judgment call as to whether or not Kerry served with valor or cowardice. I was not there. I also do not necessarily believe that what happened over thirty years ago should be the deciding factor in a current presidential race. However, I do firmly believe that how one reacts to present-day adversity should certainly be open for review, and be part of the consideration of a candidate's ability to serve as US president.

How anyone can miss Johnny Hair's hypocrisy in this matter is beyond me. I have heard no refute from Kerry regarding MoveOn.org's internet ads making direct comparisons between Bush, a sitting president during a time of war, and Adolph Hitler. I have heard no comment from Kerry on Michael Moore's movie, Fahrenheit 911. Kerry certainly has not come clean regarding the details of, and his position on, the Hollywood Democratic fundraiser last July which ended up getting Whoopie Goldberg canned from her much needed Slim-Fast gig. In fact Kerry even referred to this gathering as "the heart and soul of America." That's great! Let us see the video! Meanwhile, president Bush has asked John Kerry to join him in denouncing all negative 527 ads. Kerry's response? No - just the ones that hurt me.

This is what I would expect from a whining, momma's boy whose strategy for financial independence can be summed up in two words: "I do."

Ironically, if Bush called specifically and directly for the SBVT to stop their ads - and they did - this would be a violation of the law governing these groups and their coordination with campaigns. However, Bush critics are still crying foul that illegal backdoor collaboration is taking place. These people need to learn a thing or two about living in glass houses:

Zack Exley, the Kerry campaign director of online communications previously worked for MoveOn.org.

Jim Jordan, former Kerry Campaign Manager, is now working for 'America Coming Together.' Remember them? They are the group sending ex-cons, including sex offenders, out door to door in battleground states to promote Kerry for President. See this Today's Commentary regarding ACT:


Cecile Richards who runs 'America Votes' was an aide to far left Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. Former Clinton official Harold Ickes runs the 'Media Fund.'


If those nasty, nasty Swift Boat vets are making Johnny's tummy upset, maybe mommy Teresa can pay someone at MoveOn.org to burp him.

But instead, Johnny Hair is picking up his ball and going home. He wants these ads silenced and is pursuing - get this - LITIGATION to make them stop. Imagine that! The presidential ticket which features two lawyers is going to the courts to silence the first amendment rights of US war veterans. What does that tell you about how Kerry/Edwards would run this country? Protesters in the DC Mall? Sue 'em! Don't like the press report about unemployment claims? Sue 'em! Hell, track down all the people who filed and sue them too! They have some nerve trying to make Johnny Hair look bad!

Shutting down these ads, as well as the existence of the McCain-Feingold bill itself, is completely anti-Constitutional. Bush was a fool to sign it. You may not like the ads. You may be sick of them. But American men and women have left their families and died on the battlefield to protect that right. To muzzle them simply because you object to their statements, is un-American, and I don't care where or when or if you served.

No right is absolute. You cannot yell "fire" in a crowded theater. But if there was ever a time when freedom of speech must be preserved, it is during the course of political debate prior to an election, provided claims are not demonstrably false.

The right of MoveOn.org to compare Bush to Hitler must be preserved. The right of Jim Rassmann to talk about John Kerry's courage must be preserved. The right of the SBVT to question Kerry's ability to serve as C-in-C must be preserved. And my right must be preserved to say "You know, Johnny Hair looks pretty good for having been wounded three times in Vietnam. It certainly does not appear to have effected his ability to windsurf, or to ski out west."

Republicans have been taking this kind of heat for many years, long before 527s existed. Bernard Goldberg, a self described Democrat documented the liberal antics at CBS and other news organizations in his book "BIAS." On June 3rd of this year, NAACP Chairman Julian Bond referred to Republicans as "the Taliban wing of American politics." Yet the NAACP gets tax-exempt status as long as it remains non-political, as do the teachers unions. Not surprisingly, members of the NEA and AFT comprised the single largest contingent of delegates to the DNC this summer. AFT radio ads criticizing Bush administration policies frequently play on the radio during my AM commute to the office. Do you think that is fair? No wonder Johnny Hair is a liberal. He doesn't have the guts to be a conservative.


Here's a tip for you Johnny. If you can't take the heat, get out of your servant's kitchen. Take some time off in Nantucket. Maybe I'll join you. I have read the salt air might help my ear wax problem. Mind if I bring my dog?


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