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A Day Without Illegal Aliens? How About a Decade Instead??

Hello Thinkers!

A while back I posed this riddle to you:

Q: What is a racist?

A: A conservative who is winning an argument with a liberal.

Now it seems that I have adjust the answer to be:

A: Any citizen who thinks our immigration laws should be enforced.

I do not think I have seen a non-terrorism issue unify the taxpaying, (legally) registered voters of this country like the illegal alien issue has in recent months. And if not for the House of Representatives (thank God for short terms in the House), we would probably all be be looking at a US flag with thick red and green vertical stripes on it. It is absolutely stunning to me, not only that the White House and Senate are ready to replace Uncle Sam with Pedro the Pinata, but that I am being labelled a racist simply because I believe in the rule of law (unlike Bush and the US Senate). Under this definition, the vast majority of legitimate Americans, on both sides of the political chasm, are racist as well. What most of us "racists" want is pretty simple and quite frankly should have been done by now:

1. Stop the uncontrolled flow of people coming into this country. A nasty wall or fence would be good, along with the National Guard. Anti-personnel land mines would be a nice touch, but not necessary - yet.
2. Punish hard those who knowingly hire illegal aliens. (Hint: Pretend they evaded taxes.)
3. Repeal the "Anchor Baby Amendment" which subverts our immigration laws.
4. Make English the official language of the US.

...then we can talk about "temporary guest workers."

I find my moniker of "racist" as quite odd since, assuming I was not betrothed to the lovely and charming Mrs. Tuff (a semi-frequent reader of my blog), I would never kick Selma Hayek out of bed for eating galletas. Does that sound racist to you? Sexist maybe, but definitely not racist. In addition, my issue has never been with immigrants, regardless of their origin. My issue has been with the problems that come from uncontrolled illegal immigration.

Our nation has to be the one to determine when and if we allow foreign nationals to enter this country. When our economy is strong, we allow more. When the economy hits a cyclical skid, we allow less. This has to be left up to America - period, not the whims of those who cannot improve the situation in their homelands. In fact, if the desire to enforce our immigration laws was racist, then why are black activists joining the Minutemen to protest the virtually unchecked flood of illegals aliens over our southern border?

Black Activists Join To March With Minutemen
Apr 23, 2006 7:54 am US/Pacific

/(CBS)/ /LOS ANGELES/ Several black activists plan to join members of the Minutemen Project to protest illegal immigration, which organizer Ted Hayes touted as the "biggest threat to blacks in America since slavery."


It's funny how when you reward a particular behavior, you seem to get more of it:

Guest-Worker Hopes Spark Rush To Border
Apr. 12, 2006 11:31 AM

*NOGALES, Mexico (AP)*—At a shelter overflowing with migrants airing their blistered feet, Francisco Ramirez nursed muscles sore from trekking through the Arizona desert - a trip that failed when his wife did not have the strength to go on..... The shelter’s manager, Francisco Loureiro, said he has not seen such a rush of migrants since 1986, when the United States allowed 2.6 million illegal residents to get American citizenship. This time, the draw is a bill before the U.S. Senate that could legalize some of the 11 million people now illegally in the United States while tightening border security.


Even what appears to have been a recent "crackdown" on illegal aliens and those who hire them was little more than a cheesy attempt by the Bush administration pandering to what used to be it's base.

And last Wednesday federal agents "swooped" on plants in 26 states belonging to IFCO, a U.S. subsidiary of a Dutch firm supplying wood pallets and plastic containers to industry, and arrested 1,187 illegal immigrant workers. Seven former and current IFCO managers were also charged with employing illegal aliens. The next day, Homeland Security czar Michael Chertoff held a press conference to stress that such tough enforcement of immigration law, internally as well as at the border, would now be the rule.

Having established its willingness to crack down on illegality, the administration's political machine crossed its fingers and hoped that this display would now help passage of the "Not an Amnesty" law. All this was not only timely; it was powerfully symbolic. What it symbolized, however, was not the tough enforcement of immigration law but its colander-like leaky ineffectiveness.

For even before Chertoff had spoken (but not before blogger Michelle Malkin had predicted it), four-fifths of the illegals arrested had been ... released. Two hundred and seventy-five of them were deported. The rest were sent away in return for a promise to return for a court hearing. Many, probably most, will disappear. And since the government's computers were "down," their brush with immigration enforcement may not even be officially recorded.


I wonder if W's administration equates their drooping poll numbers to the abnegation of their conservative base? Even compared to the Clinton administration, the enforcement of immigration laws under Bush has been not just "liberal" but downright "socialist." From the same article:

The Clinton administration in fact managed some (albeit patchy) "internal" enforcement of employer sanctions. For instance, the period 1995-1997 saw 10,000 to 18,000 worksite arrests of illegals a year. Some 1,000 employers were served notices of fines for employing them. Under the Bush administration, however, worksite arrests fell to 159 in 2004 - with the princely total of *three* notices of intent to fine served on employers. Thus, worksite arrests under President Bush have fallen from Clintonian levels by something like 97 per cent - even though 9/11 occurred in the meantime.

Amidst all this, May 1 was designated as "A Day Without Immigrants." Notice how they try to guilt us into feeling bad by not calling it "A Day Without Illegal Aliens." We have gone from calling them what they are, illegal aliens, to "illegal immigrants", to "undocumented workers", to "temporary guest workers." And the press has never questioned the nomenclature of "A Day Without Immigrants." Why is that? Are they stupid? Do they not know that most Americans comprehend the difference between legal and illegal immigration? It couldn't be that they are promoting an agenda, could it? And if we cannot trust the media to see through this razor thin veneer of terminology, how are we supposed to believe the idea that these illegal aliens are all "hard working" and "peaceful?" Now, for the bonus prize, does anyone out there know what other special anniversary May 1st is? These guys know the ANSWER:

Rally organizer tied to Marxist party

By Jerry Seper
April 11, 2006

One of the key organizers of the immigration protests and rallies nationwide, including yesterday's in Washington, is a group whose leaders are tied to the Workers World Party, a Marxist organization that has expressed support for dictators Kim Jong-il of North Korea and Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) Coalition, which also has proposed a nationwide boycott on May 1 to protest congressional efforts at immigration reform and border security, is an offshoot of the International Action Coalition, an anti-capitalism group founded by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

...Its March 25 rally in Los Angeles and its planned "Great American Boycott of 2006" on May 1 are part of a series of large-scale events that the coalition hopes will sway lawmakers to put millions of illegal aliens in the United States on track toward permanent residency and U.S. citizenship. ANSWER has denounced attempts by Congress to secure the United States' borders and criminalize illegal aliens as "racist," saying all working people should back full amnesty for all of the estimated 10 million to 12 million illegal aliens now in the United States.


...Ahhh, anarchists, communists and illegal aliens. Could it get any better? Sure! How about throwing Islamic groups with ties to terrorism into the mix:

Joining illegal immigrants in their march on May 1: radical Islamic front groups the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), the Muslim Students Association (MSA), the Muslim American Society (MAS), and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR): CAIR are now in the mix- will march with illegals.


And just in case you think I've gone off the conspiracy deep end, here are some photos of the May 1st rallies that you WON'T see in the NY Times:


So you have a group of communists and anarchists who are relatively small in number but well organized. Add to that a large number of not-so-organized illegal aliens who want to continue living off of your tax dollars. Then throw in other anti-US fringe groups and what do you get? A Reuters puff-piece about the countless throngs of people demanding "immigration rights."

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A one-day nationwide strike and business boycott gathered steam on Monday to demand legal rights for millions of illegal immigrants, with many U.S. businesses shutting down voluntarily to avoid disruption.


All of this brings to mind one critical question I cannot seem to find an answer to. Why do all these other countries suck so much? Swarms of illegals are coming from south of our border waving their national flags and demanding "rights" (ie. your cash). Well, why can't their countries develop the things that attract so many immigrants to this country? You know, highways, rail systems, universities, hospitals, and growing economies? According to most of the world, America is evil - right? We are little more than war mongering, child murdering, baby harp seal clubbing (no wait - those are Canadians), fat, lazy Americans. Why would anyone want to live here, among us? It's not like these nations are poor in natural resources. Mexico's oil export revenues are expected to reach $25 billion in 2006 according to the US DOE.


And this report was done in June of 2005, before the most recent runup in oil prices.

The fact is, there is no answer to why illegal aliens should be given any preferential treatment, and trying to do so is a slap in the face to those struggling to immigrate to the US legally. One of whom, a co-worker, I had to say goodbye to last week because work visa restrictions forced him to leave the country for at least one year. And he contributes more to this nation and our economy than someone picking heads of lettuce. This is just one example of the people I have met in the medical and technology industries who have been forced to leave the US while illegal aliens have been swarming over the Rio Grande by the millions. But try to explain to people that your issue is about those illegally entering this country regardless of their skin color and you are still pegged as another Sen. Robert Byrd.

All of this is too much to think about right now. Maybe I'll peruse Selma Hayek's website for the rest of the day.... Ewww! How racist of me!


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