Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Das Fairy

Hello Thinkers!

Tuff Jr. will be 10 months old very soon. Over the past week or two, he has gone from being mostly stationary - able to roll over and vacillate on all fours, to steadily crawling in an intended direction. This has exponentially increased what I call his 20RD, or "20 second radius of destruction." 20 seconds being the round-trip time it takes me to grab a cup of coffee from the kitchen. This has taken it's toll on dada, among others. The dog is acting peculiar lately, and I suspect it has something to do with the fistfuls of yellow hair regularly found in the grip of my progeny.

So yesterday, I had to do a double take at the dentist office waiting room when I read the insanity printed before me in the Tuesday, September 20th Boston Globe. I was unsure if the fog of sleep deprivation, along with the lack of coffee (a gift of compassion for the hygienist) was causing hallucinations.

Usually, I link you all to stories I expand upon, but this time I could not find an online version at, so you'll have to trust me.

Apparently there was a very close election in Germany last Sunday between Gerhard "Das Fairy" Schroeder, the two term chancellor of the Social Democrats and Angela Merkel from the Christian Democratic Union. The Globe story refers to Merkel as "unabashedly pro-American" and Schroeder's Social Democrats as "left-centrist" - which really means "communist pig" to the rest of the mainstream US.

Merkel, in addition to being pro-US, "has urged Germans to become more self-reliant and to expect less from government." Hmmm - I like this chick already. Pulling themselves up will certainly give Germany a better view as France plunges down the toilet faster than a Koran. And for those of you socialist pansies who think the "Euro-way is best" and are card-carrying members of the "Blame America First" crowd, the Globe reports that:
"Germany is suffering its highest unemployment in the post-WWII era, and economists say the government must cut taxes and loosen labor laws to make the country more competitive."

Remember, this is the Boston Globe reporting this!

Germany under "Das Fairy" Schroeder has openly fashioned itself as a counterbalance, not an ally to the US. Neighboring nations are a bit jittery given the electoral instability in the Fatherland and the history of the last century. I have not checked the overseas markets recently, but I imagine oven-futures are going up faster than crude oil.

But here is the real kick in the ass - and it ties in to countless other rants I have made on the double standards applied to liberals, and how rules just don't apply to them. According to the Globe, Angela Merkel defeated "Das Fairy" by 35.2 percent to 34.3 percent. It was a narrower than expected victory likely due to last second fear-mongering tactics by Schroeder's party, but nonetheless, still a victory for Merkel. What was the response from "Das Fairy"? To quote the Globe:

"Analysts were at a loss to explain Schroeder's assertion that, somehow, because Merkel had not done as well as expected earlier, he deserved to remain in power even though his party came in second in the balloting."

Unbelievable - yet very believable. Why? Because he's a liberal, and the rules - you know, they just don't really matter. Heinrich Oberreuter, a professor of politics at the University of Passau said it best:
"It is very astonishing, proclaiming himself champion because he didn't lose so badly."

It is not hard to believe that "Das Fairy" would pout and hold his breath until he is proclaimed winner when he has lapdogs in the Social Democrat party like secretary Klaus Uwe Benneter, who told local TV in an interview:
"The voters made clear they don't want Frau Merkel. I think we have the task of fulfilling the voters' wish that Gerhard Schroeder remain chancellor."

...And the French capitulated to these guys? Jeeeezee!


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