Saturday, June 26, 2004

June 26, 2004 - Voter Inertia (LITE)

Note: This appeared in the Wednesday, July 7th, Lawrence Eagle-Tribune letters to the editor.

Today's Commentary: June 26th, 2004

Just how low does the liberal left have to go to organize and motivate their voting base? Liberals are trying every trick under the sun to resolve the only thing that keeps them from completely dominating virtually every elected position in America - voter inertia. If there is an axiom of political physics which describes voter inertia, it would probably look something like:

"A body inclined to vote in a way that sustains its oblivious or at-rest state is likely to remain at rest in November. A body excited about an issue is likely to remain excited about that issue up to and through its vote in November."

If every eligible voter in America was forced to honestly describe their affiliation as either Republican, Democrat or Independant (who usually vote for the candidate and not the party), and you assumed the "I" vote would split roughly 50-50 for "R" and "D" come November, arguably the Democrats would win every time. However, successful candidates do not attempt to appeal to the general public, but to likely voters.

The quest for Democrat politicians then becomes, how to excite the unexcited and motivate their numbers to vote?

Free booze is one way. The Democrats in Monroe County, New York have figured this out. They have teamed up with a local brewery to offer free beer to those who register to vote. It is unclear if these same Democrats are offering to drive their constituents home after they register. This of course would be a nice gesture on the their part, so long as Ted Kennedy doesn't drop in as an honorary chauffeur.

But free alcohol may not be enough. Enter the next white knight of Democratic politics, the felons. Al Gore is still smarting from his 2000 election loss. Had he been able to deny our overseas military personnel the right to vote, and only a fraction of the sunshine states convicted felons succesfully navigated the Scylla and Charybdis of hanging chad, today Al would be able to lecture us on tolerance while he continued negotiations with Saddam Hussein and the Taliban as Commander in Grief. Expect a big push from the Florida left to support the voting rights of felons before this fall.

It seems that Democrat activists and politicians just can't get past their love affair with criminals. And why not? If the last Democrat president can commit felony perjury and get a free ride, what's a little rape and murder among ideologues? And to show his unity with an elite group of potential clients, Clinton commuted the sentences of dozens of them just before his second term ended. Wire frauds, cocaine dealers, money launderers, meth dealers, felony firearm violators, extortionists - all were welcome to bask in the warm, soft glow of Clinton's embrace. For a full list of the best and brightest, see:

You would think that Democrats would have learned their lesson about felons after Mike Dukakis met up with Willie Horton for a few beers in 1986 to ask him how his weekend off was going. I'm sure Mike was happy to see how smashingly well his "Experiment in Justice" was improving the lives of those attacked during Willie's extended furlough.

To this day the left courts felons the same way a rebellious teenage daughter treats her James Dean wannabe boyfriend that her parents disapprove of. According to a June 24th report from the AP, a Democratic group called ACT (Americans Coming Together), has hired convicted sex offenders, burglars, drug dealers and other hard-core Democrats to canvas the battleground states of Missouri, Ohio, Florida, and possibly others, to conduct door to door voter registration drives which include collecting social security numbers, telephone numbers and other personal information. And who does ACT want to see win in 2004? Hint: He's a Massachusetts liberal, and it's not Mike Dukakis.

If rapists, murderers, armed robbers and other convicted felons want to see John Kerry win this November, who are you voting for?


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