Friday, February 02, 2007

A Bad Hair Day for the Press

For those of you not in the New England area, you may have missed the fact that Boston, the city of 600,000 people and home of some of the worlds most presitious universities and medical centers was held hostage by 38 'Lite-Brites.' Cable news channels on Wednesday shot their entire afternoon programming on video of Boston police directing snarled traffic and metro bomb-squads detonating what ended up being part of a cheesey marketing campaign for the Cartoon Network. It stuns me that the illuminated cartoon characters have been present in 10 other major cities, yet this stunt turns Boston ass over tea kettle.

The perps? Two adolescents in their late twenties, performance artists by trade. Apparently they are quasi-permanent liberal art students who hope to be the next Penn and Teller. Unlike some of the local talk radio dweebs, I consider these guys harmless - in addition to useless.

Now normally I would hold guys (ahem) like Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens in a bit of disdain. However, they recently did something I truely admire. They made the swarming local press with their cheesey stock questions like "how do you feel?" look like the idiots they truely are. A very prudent expenditure of their 15 minutes of fame, in my humble opinion. Good job boys - now get a job!

If you haven't seen this pair in action, check it out on YouTube:


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