Friday, June 16, 2006

Dumb As A Brick

Hello Thinkers!

As you know, I have spent most of my efforts in the blogosphere pointing out the failed "logic" of the left and rank hypocrisy of liberal icons. Time after time history points to the fact that liberals are, for the most part, just flat out wrong. Yet now I must admit I'm starting to wonder if they are right about one thing - and one thing only: George Bush IS an idiot.

In every poll I have seen, the vast majority of tax paying, voting, LEGAL Americans want drastic measures taken to secure our borders AND oppose blanket amnesty for those who ignore our immigration laws. Most of the people in my social circles don't understand why the FELONY of falsified documentation seems to be routinely ignored for illegal aliens. I personally don't see why an illegal alien would price themselves out of their existing job market by becoming "legal" and forcing their employer to pay higher wages and taxes. And don't get me started on drug smuggling, MS-13, terrorists, or the influx of 3rd world diseases that were effectively eradicated from this country decades ago. Despite this, George Bush continues to pursue and open-border, pro-amnesty policy. As far as I am concerned, the best possible outcome for legal citizens is not comprehensive reform, but congressional deadlock, and enforcement of existing laws.

Recently I have come across three interesting web sites. I heartily recommend them all. The first is Stop the Invasion ( This one of the best blogs I have seen in a long time and certainly a fabulous resource for how those we give the consent to govern have voted on our behalf. The research and analysis on this site is five-star, and it is dedicated to real immigration reform.

The next is NumbersUSA ( It provides report cards on elected officials as well as information on the negative effects of illegal aliens. They appear non-partisan and refer to themselves as an "immigration-reduction organization."

Last is Send-A-Brick ( Pictured above are the bricks I am mailing to President Bush and my House Rep, John Tierney (who has a horrible voting record on illegal immigration issues). I suggest you visit all these sites and consider taking some action. Letters, faxes and emails do get counted. Below is the letter I attached to the brick I am sending to W. I suspect I'll be getting some strange looks when I go to the Post Office at lunchtime!

President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Bush,

I am a lifelong conservative and have supported you since the presidential race in 2000. While in office, I have backed your tenure, supporting the tax cuts, our military in Afghanistan and Iraq, and your efforts to overhaul Social Security. Even when I have disagreed with some of your actions (eg: signing McCain-Feingold, your inability to control government growth and spending) I have been an advocate of your administration.

That support however, is now over. Why? Your refusal to give any meaningful priority to the security of our national borders. I do not accept your argument that immigration reform must solve all issues in one comprehensive (A.K.A. big government) solution. The invasion of the US by 12 million illegal aliens brings a tremendous strain on our nations law enforcement, health care and other resources.

Your "comprehensive immigration reform" is AMNESTY, plain and simple. Your assertion that those who came here illegally must go to the back of the line is MEANINGLESS when that line stays inside the US border. It also is a slap in the face to the law-abiding immigrants who must leave the US as a requirement of their work visas. I personally know several who work as engineers and as physicians who have been forced to leave the US in the past few years because of this. Your solutions reward criminal behavior and punish those who follow the rules.

You once said, "family values do not stop at the Rio Grande." While family values may not stop there, our national security certainly starts there. Your negligence of our porous borders is almost criminal in a post September 11th world. I refuse to support in any way - with my vote or with funding, any elected official that does not rigorously support a secure border first, before addressing any other issues related to immigration and illegal aliens. Enclosed you will find a brick. It is my donation to a secure border, and a reminder of your abandonment of your conservative constituency. I hope that you will reverse your insane open-borders, pro-amnesty policies. Otherwise, I will be staying home on election day this year and in 2008. If a Democratic White House and Senate is what it takes to purge the Republicans of pro-amnesty, big government RINOs, then so be it. Remember, no wall – no vote!




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