Thursday, July 07, 2005

Buenos Días! Where Do I Vote?

Hello Thinkers!

London has just been attacked. Hmm... I wonder who did it? Catholics? Presbyterians? Jews? Baptists? At this time it is not known exactly how many explosions, injuries and deaths have occurred. It is no small irony that this attack came during the first G8 where global terrorism was not the primary topic. Instead the summit focus is on the feel-good fallacy of global warming. By the way, it is July 7th and the forecast high temperatures for the next three days in Boston are 63F, 65F and 67F... brrrr! I'm just waiting for someone from chicken-little intelligentsia to explain to us idiots that a primary indicator of catastrophic global warming is that the temperature really doesn't rise that much - if at all... but more funding for studies is needed. Hopefully Blair and friends will get back to real issues and the deaths of innocent Britons will not be in vain.

In other recent huge news, the recent retirement of Justice O'Connor is the harbinger of what should be the biggest political battle of Bush II's career. I say "should" because it is yet to be determined if W will actually nominate a justice who will rule on cases using the Constitution as it is written and originally intended - or will he roll over like a fat seal and pick a "moderate" to take O'Connors seat at the bench. This will be one to watch sports fans. Sen. Kennedy's drunken diatribes on the senate floor alone will be worth the price of admission. Since liberals cannot get their national interests to win at the ballot box (remember the spanking gay marriage took in the 2004 elections), their only recourse is to get liberal judicial activists to legislate from the bench. Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton, Feinstein, Dodd and the rest have brought their family prayers to the alter, drank their last saki and tied the Rising Sun bandana to their heads. There is no turning back for them. This is what the elections for the Senate and Oval Office are all about. The person who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave means nothing compared to who sits on the SCOTUS bench. I would gladly trade a lifetime appointment of Hillary Clinton as POTUS for nine 20-something Scalia clones ruling in the highest court of our land.

But this recent tragedy in London and the looming SCOTUS tempest are not the topics of today's rant. They will be coming to a diatribe near you soon though. My ongoing frustration with the sieve we call a southern border was rekindled by a news article I recently stumbled across. Apparently the good citizens of Arizona have had enough of the Mexican tsunami. The influx of illegal aliens is estimated to cost each Arizona household $700 annually in public benefits. Reacting to these costs and the crime associated with illegal immigration, the voters of Arizona have proposed Proposition 200, which includes the following:

  • Requires new voters to document their U.S. citizenship when they register to vote.
  • Requires voters to present a photo ID at the polling place.
  • Prohibits public agencies from accepting insecure identification cards to show eligibility for public benefits, unless the issuing agency has verified the immigration status of the cardholder.
  • Requires state and local government employees who discover a violation of federal immigration law to make a written report to federal immigration authorities.

The supporters of Prop 200 claim:

"Proposition 200 will not change the types of benefits that are denied to illegal aliens. Federal law already defines the types of state or local benefits for which lawful immigration status is required."

Clearly these measures will protect the integrity of the voter rolls against corruption and fraud. I won't go into all the details of Prop 200, but if you want more info, see:

And of course, the lunatic left that opposes this proposition cannot win this discussion on facts. So what do they do? You guessed it, they play the race card. They "oppose all anti-immigrant bills because they jeopardize the well being of our communities and the reputation of our state." These liberal weanies claim these measures that protect ballot box integrity, "are a racist attack on our Latino communities."

Can't win on the topic? Attack the opponent.

Note that if you go to the site, and click on the "about us" link, they say:

"The Campaign to Defeat Prop 200 is a grassroots campaign run mostly by energetic volunteers, too countless to name here."

...too countless to name? Or too afraid of the INS?

So if you run into a non-thinker at your local Ben+Jerry's, who believes in 'voting rights' for illegal aliens, you may be thinking "What would Tuff say?" The answer my friends is simple. Just ask them, "so what do you think they do in Mexico on election day?"

"Arizona's contentious ballot proposal would require voters to show proof of their U.S. citizenship when registering to vote and proof of their legal residency when applying for government benefits. In Mexico, it has been that way for years."

Imagine a country where:
"to get a driver’s license or social security card, foreigners must present their visas. Illegal aliens need not apply. To vote, everyone must show proof of citizenship. In addition, more than 201,000 foreigners were deported last year, and another 9,000 were denied entry at airports and the border."

Sound like the Naziesque dreamland-USA promoted by jack-booted, pro-Bush, neocon thugs? Guess again amigo. It is daily life south of the Rio Grande.

So why should the voting requirements for Mexicans be more restrictive in their own country than in the one they entered illegally? I would love to point the collective finger at Democrats, but too few Republicans are taking up the task of stemming the tide of these criminal aliens. In fact in many states all you need to register as a voter is a valid drivers license. This sounds swell except "there are currently 10 states that allow illegal aliens to attain valid state issued identification identical to that of any United States citizen."

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who I once considered a viable presidential option (and who I now consider a PITA-RINO) opposes this measure. Why? Why in God's name would you not want proof that the person voting is in fact a citizen of this nation? The deafening silence from Republicans on this topic is sickening. If Hillary Clinton takes illegal immigration as her signature issue in her upcoming election (for president or senator) there will be many republicans floundering in her massive wake. And I will have no pity for them whatsoever.

To see more of the costs of illegal immigration, check out the Immigration Blog at:


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