Friday, March 18, 2005

March 18, 2005 - Coffee? Tea? Liberal Ideology??

Hello Thinkers!

After many feigned attempts and at least two broken New Year resolutions, I finally decided to heed the advice of numerous public service announcements, verbal 'nudging' from Mrs. Tuff and get my first physical in about 3 years. Before sending me on my way with the expected warnings on salt intake and exercise, the good doctor scheduled me for blood work the following day which required 12 hours of prerequisite fasting. The next morning at 7:30 I waited for the doors of the lab to open, upset that I was behind a dozen retirees who clearly had less planned for their morning than I did. It was close to another hour before my name was called and my arm was jabbed.

Leaving the facility, my hunger pangs were more than noticeable. Since I was late for work anyway, a stop at the nearby Starbucks was in order. It was a negligible detour on my commute. Entering the caffeine chamber, I noticed it was empty save for one customer at the register handing over her money for a tall white chocolate mocha with soy - or whatever it was.

Amidst this post rush hour lull, there were three women busily working. One at a contraption that reminded me of a steaming Jules Verne time machine, one wiping down the mini euro-tables working her way back behind the counter, and one at the cash register taking money from the aforementioned customer. I stopped and stood behind the patron as she collected her change.

The three employees, all in their mid to late 20's, were feverishly discussing the previous evenings antics between the table cleaner (now behind the counter and standing at the second cash register) and her date. Based on the rapid inter-employee verbal exchanges and individual body language, I deduced the date was a disaster. I was impressed at my ability to perceive the obvious, since hunger and my ongoing battle with sleep deprivation was taking its toll.

With a snap of the change purse, the customer ahead of me departed. The three worker bees, now all behind the formica hive, continued their riveting discussion, oblivious to my presence. Having long since learned never to attack, verbally or otherwise, someone who was about to prepare my food, I patiently waited and stepped forward, where I continued to wait.

Eventually I was served. I left Starbucks with my black sugarless coffee, not offended but a bit amused. Clearly, these women were so consumed by their coworkers story, snowballing within their own microcosm, they became completely unaware of their immediate surroundings.

And so it has also been with the political and activist left. The past few weeks and months have not been good to liberals, leaving them punch-drunk from a seemingly endless squall of disappointing events. Kerry and the democrats in congress, Daschle not the least among them, took painful losses last November. This is despite the hard work of media outlets across America doing their best to bash Bush and help Kerry get elected:

November 2nd, 2004 may have seemed like the bottom for the left, until they found a shovel and started digging.

Two of the casualties, Dan bin Rather and Eason Jordan crossed lines that might have never been exposed were it not for the fledgling blogosphere that both of these old media fossils likely dismissed in their glittering arrogance.

Elsewhere, in a dramatic change from the Clinton's position on drilling Americas natural resources, a major legislative roadblock to oil production in ANWR has been lifted. Tree fondlers from Cambridge to Berkley are up in arms over the decision. However, the residents of Alaska don't seem too upset about the idea:

"Oil exploration in ANWR would take place on just 2,000 acres of its 1.5 million acre coastal plain, which amounts to a tiny fraction of Alaska's protected lands. The land is on the coastal plain, a tiny sliver of the huge wildlife refuge."

Yet the overwhelming negative response from the arrogant, elitist left is typical. They know better than even the people who live in Alaska:

"The essential needs of Alaska's working families all across this vast and beautiful state depend on the responsible development of our natural resources. For us, environmentally responsible development oil and gas development in a tiny portion of the Arctic refuge means jobs, the opportunity to improve our schools and other public services. If oil exploration and development in ANWR is delayed, we ultimately hurt the Fairbanks and Alaska economy. We also hurt a trained work force from Fairbanks who work on the North Slope. The opening of ANWR to exploration would be the best economic news to hit this state in many years. It would mean thousands of jobs for Fairbanks families and billions of dollars for the state of Alaska in royalties and taxes.",1413,113~7252~2747942,00.html

The PETA panties are in a knot now.

Ruthlessly, Bush jammed salt in the open wounds of the minions by making two brilliant appointments. First, John Bolton, a harsh critic of the UN was named as our ambassador to this ragtag collection of banana republics. Second, despite the buzz among the MTV crowd that U2's Bonor might be appointed head of the world bank, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was selected for this role in a crushing blow to U2 fans everywhere. I can envision Bush and Cheney together, drinking 16 year old scotch in the oval office, doubled over laughing, slapping each other on the back as they watched the buffoons at CNN report that Bonor was in the running for a job they already had pegged Wolfowitz for.

The NY Times could not withhold their petty liberal bias over this matter:

"Despite the displeasure of some diplomats who had hoped that the administration would appoint a person without the almost radioactive reputation of a committed ideologue, they said that they expected Mr. Wolfowitz to receive the approval of the World Bank's board of directors in time for Mr. Wolfensohn's departure in May."

The supposed Waterloo for Bush, Iraq, may be showing a silver lining even among the liberal media. The 'Bush lied about WMD' crowd is letting the NY Times story of "massive looting" of Saddam's weapons facilities roll off their back like water off a duck.

This is what the NY Times calls "looting":

"In the weeks after Baghdad fell in April 2003, looters systematically dismantled and removed tons of machinery from Saddam Hussein's most important weapons installations, including some with high-precision equipment capable of making parts for nuclear arms..."


"in four weeks from mid-April to mid-May of 2003 as teams with flatbed trucks and other heavy equipment moved systematically from site to site."

I can see these Iraqi "looters" now, on the streets of Fallujah:

"Hey Mohammed! Bitchin' ride - Allah be praised! Is that a Ford 350?"
"No Achbad! It's a Uranium 238!"
"Wow! Nice pipes!"
"They're aluminum!"

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks this way:

And the Ted Kopechnes of the world must be watching in horror as positive changes are afoot in the Middle East. Days after Sen. Chivas made a speech claiming American military was the problem in Iraq, not the solution, millions of Iraqi's risked death to vote for their new leadership. I would link you to that speech on Teddy Kopechne's website, but it was removed. Since then the Lebanese have demonstrated in the hundreds of thousands for the removal of Syrian troops and occupation from their border, in defiance of Hizballah.

Afghanistan, now ignored by the MSM, are electing women to their legislature.

Need more proof that these are wonderful days? Check out the discussion boards at the Democratic Underground:


Yes thinkers, these are lousy days for the liberals and by definition, great days for America. Maybe they should relax and get a cup of coffee. Hopefully they are not in a hurry.


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